Draft a team of NBA and WNBA players to begin playing, and keep playing each week to unlock new players for your team!

Students playing on basketball court

NBA Math Hoops App

NBA Math Hoops is a fun math game for kids, focused on building math fluency and data analysis skills while running a fantasy basketball team. Sign up today to start your own squad filled with NBA and WNBA stars, and keep playing every week to unlock new players for your team.

Real-time NBA and WNBA stats are directly integrated into the game, helping you keep the best players on the court at all times. As you play, you’ll be able to modify your lineup to take advantage of changing stats and performance in the actual league!

In Quick Play Mode, you’ll be able to face off against the starting lineups from every NBA and WNBA team, with the difficultly of each team directly linked to the current NBA and WNBA standings! In Class Mode, link your account to your class in order to complete against your friends directly.

Math Hoops Goes Mobile

Access the full NBA Math Hoops gameplay experience for Android and iOS.

Real-Time Player Data

Win games to unlock stars and manage your team with stats updating daily!

NBA Math Hoops: Skills + Drills

Sharpen your math with NBA Math Hoops: Skills & Drills, as you play through a series of basketball challenges! Can you unlock all of your favorite NBA and WNBA teams, collect all trophies, and set a new high score?

With NBA Math Hoops: Skills & Drills, math has never been this fun! You can work on number identification and definitions, basic operations, absolute value, square roots, and more. As you advance, you’ll unlock NBA and WNBA team jerseys for your avatar, and each team’s court to play on.

Manage Your Team

Earn swag and customize the look and feel of your jersey and court!

Practice Core Skills

Skills + Drills features fast-paced action and fun achievements - all while improving math skills.

Own the Court

Don your swag, step up to the line, and get ready for the most fun you've ever had while learning.

Experience the app today!